Fliggles Rescue Adventure is a ‘fantastically fun’ game for your iPad and iPhone from Five Fans Productions, Inc.  It is available as a free download from the AppStore.   Fliggles Rescue Adventure is fun for the WHOLE family; laughs and giggles for kids; CHALLENGES and ‘flustration’ for serious gamers.

Get ready to explore the cave, water, mine and industrial chapters!  There are TWENTY levels in each chapter, and each chapter contains unique elements that make for a variety of game play.  Finish each level and unlock the NEXT chapter. 

Earn BADGES by collecting three glimmers, eating all available food, and finishing the level without deflating. Collect the SEVEN musical notes to complete the level and get that much closer to bringing HAPPINESS back to Fliggleville!

Beat your previous best time to score even MORE points.

Collect all FOUR shoes in each chapter and UNLOCK the fun mini games. Mini games can be played to earn extra lives.

In-app purchases are available to purchase Fliggles coins.  These wondeful coins can be use to purchase extra lives, extra friends, and unlock chapters.

Get ready to make Fliggles fly and help save Fliggleville!

Deflate freely.