Fliggles Rescue Adventure is a fantastically fun game for all and is filled with rollicking adventure puzzles that will test your dexterity and challenge your nerves as you navigate your hero through CAVE mazes, WATER mazes and MUCH MORE!  Can you lead Fliggles to find and rescue all of the musical notes on each level, while avoiding spikes, walls and dangerous creatures that will bust up your plans and deflate Fliggles? The world needs a new hero. Her name is Fliggles. Please get ready to check out this fun game from an indie developer.!

This fantastic adventure will focus on Xbox, Playstation and Switch game consoles as well as the PC and macOS platforms! Mobile will not be too far behind!  Please see the game play video below from the Mine chapter in the game. It’s coming soon to your favorite game console and desktop. Deflate freely.